Kim Felix Fomm

Managing Director

I have been with LIQID from the very start. Since then we have grown quite a bit – but we have managed to keep the atmosphere of a start-up: a spirit of innovation and familiarity. My job offers me broad responsibilities and the freedom that I like. Be it in the office, at a conference, in a one-on-one meeting with a client, dressed in a suit or my favourite hoodie and sneakers – unthinkable in my former job as a banker.

What we care about

Our clients objective is our objective: to make sure they receive the best possible return on their investment: A very challenging task with a worthwhile goal: the creation of a financially successful, secure future for our clients.

You are a good fit if numbers are your thing and you pay attention to detail.

What we do

Investment & Finance are the brains behind the LIQID investment strategies and internal finances. We are responsible for efficiently managing our clients' investments.

So honestly, what is it like working there?

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