Lena Stein

Working Student

I am studying International Business Administration. It was important to me that my student job would not only provide an income but that my employer is willing to invest in me. That is exactly what I found at LIQID. I started in Sales but also found Operations very interesting – we discussed my future career plans and decided on a position that would encompass both.

What we care about

Attention to detail and quick-thinking is key to Operations. We are the backbone for successful digital asset management and transform hard data into successful vivid directives.

But fear not – we are fun...on an operational level.

What we do

We make our client portfolios work: Our task lies in the optimization of the trading and rebalancing processes. At our best – we are invisible to the client.

So honestly, what is like working there?

Schedule a call with one of us. And find out.

Available Jobs in Operations