Asya Ejjeh

Team Lead Sales

Help someone achieve his or her dream? In our department we speak to clients who have big goals. What I love most about my job is hearing their success stories, which in the end is also one for me. I could have pursued a career working in a bank, instead I chose LIQID. Even though I'm at the very beginning of my journey, I'm given the opportunity to take on responsibility and get to see the direct impact of my contribution.

What we care about

We build strong relationships in an industry as personal as digital asset management. Personal? Of course, we are talking about people's savings and their investment into the future of their children.

You are the right fit for Sales if you are passionate about people and highly empathetic towards their very unique needs. Are you more of a critical thinker and observer? Then Business Development might be something for you.

What we do

We are the face of the company dealing with real people and their financial goals. We prove that LIQID is more than an investing machine. Together with Business Development, we work on growing our organisation and client base.

So honestly, what is like working there?

Schedule a call with one of us. And find out.

Available Jobs in Sales & Business Development