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Our team is our business' strongest asset. At LIQID we are a colourful mix of different perspectives and backgrounds. Experienced managers and newcomers collaborate closely with interns and working students. Let’s get to know each other. 


Jakob Hafner – Investment Analyst

Eva-Maria Hoefer | Apr 7, 2021 1:01:51 PM

Jakob Hafner – Investment Analyst

How long have you been working at LIQID and how did you end up here?

I've only been with LIQID for a short time, since November 2019 to be precise. After studying in France and Japan for a year, I decided to settle down in Berlin. I came across LIQID while searching for young and dynamic companies in the financial services sector and I immediately had a good feeling about it.

What were important career stations for you before LIQID? 

I have only recently completed my studies and during the last few months I have been writing my master’s thesis on value creation in private equity buyouts. This was another reason why LIQID was particularly interesting for me as an employer, as I believe that LIQID's private equity offering is absolutely unique and innovative. As far as my practical experience is concerned, I have completed some internships in the areas of trading and asset management.

What does your working day at LIQID look like? What are your current tasks  & projects?

The exciting thing about my job is that tasks often arise at short notice, which makes each working day different. In general, I mainly work on monitoring, developing and communicating our liquid core strategies. This includes regularly informing our clients about the performance of their portfolios, recent investment decisions and portfolio shifts and the current market environment. On the operational side, this also involves the trading of securities within the scope of new investments by clients and the rebalancing of portfolios, as well as various types of reporting to our institutional partners.

What do you like most about your job? What makes working at LIQID special?

In addition to the exciting and challenging job, I appreciate the agile and at the same time very professional work environment. Our office is gorgeous and well equipped, in a great location and offers many benefits. A major reason why I enjoy coming to work every day is the people I work with. Although our product is wealth management, very few employees have a purely financial background, which makes our team very versatile. Many colleagues come from other countries, have worked in different industries or have already founded companies themselves. I appreciate being surrounded by extraordinary people with different interests and learning from them.

How would you describe LIQID in three words?

Assets under management ;)

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