Whether it's finding a more efficient way to complete a task or troubleshooting an issue, I'm happy to tackle the challenges I am given everyday.

Ramona Kohrs

Senior CRM Manager

Tell us about yourself and your role at LIQID?
I’m a Senior CRM Manager at LIQID and responsible for developing and implementing marketing campaigns and strategies to increase customer engagement and retention. I have a degree in Marketing and several years of experience in CRM and digital marketing. In my current role, I work closely with other departments to drive growth and improve the customer experience.

What was the main reason you joined LIQID?
I was drawn to LIQID for several reasons. Firstly, I was impressed with the setup of the marketing team and the role that I would be taking on. It was clear to me that marketing was an integral part of the company’s strategy, and I was excited to be a part of that. Additionally, I felt that LIQID was the perfect place for me to develop my skills and grow as a professional. I was particularly interested in working within the fintech industry again, and the product that LIQID offers is both innovative and exciting. Overall, the combination of the company culture, the role, and the opportunity for growth made me decide to join LIQID.

What is your purpose? What drives you?
I just really enjoy what I’m doing, and that’s what really drives me. I have the opportunity to work with a great group of people who are all very solution-oriented and take ownership of their work. And it’s just really fun to work with them. I have never laughed as much at work as I do with my colleagues here. So even on challenging days, I know that I can count on them to help lift me up and keep me going.

One of LIQID’s core values is “Own it”. How does this mindset shape your approach to daily tasks as a Marketing CRM Manager?
For me, “Own it” means taking ownership of my work and being accountable for the results. I believe in setting clear goals and taking the initiative to achieve them, while being willing to adapt and learn from feedback. In my role as a Marketing CRM Manager, “Own it” determines my daily work by driving me to take a proactive approach to problem-solving, to seek out new opportunities for growth and improvement, and to collaborate with my team and other departments to achieve our shared goals.

What’s your greatest personal success regarding “Own it”?
One of my proudest personal achievements is my ability to embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth. I love to identify and solve problems and optimize processes. Whether it’s finding a more efficient way to complete a task or troubleshooting an issue, I’m happy to tackle the challenge.

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