LIQID closes Europe's largest venture capital fund for experienced retail investors

Second LIQID venture capital fund reaches 85 percent above target volume.


  • Second LIQID venture capital fund reaches 85 percent above target volume.
  • LIQID Venture II offers experienced retail investors access to the world's best VC funds including Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures and Sequoia.
  • Attractive valuation levels and AI revolution favor the investment environment.  

Berlin, April 12, 2024 - LIQID, Germany's pioneer in digital wealth management for affluent private clients, has closed its second venture capital fund. LIQID Venture II reached 130 million euros, 85 percent above target volume, making it the largest fund of its kind in Europe. At a time when traditional venture capitalists were reporting challenges in funding, LIQID succeeded in gaining the trust of over 500 experienced retail investors, who were able to invest in LIQID Venture II from 200,000 euros.

Access to the world's most successful VC funds
For Venture II, LIQID cooperates with VenCap. The renowned British asset manager brings over 30 years of experience in venture. The partnership provides LIQID clients access to the world's best VC funds including Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures and Sequoia. LIQID Venture II invests in young, fast-scaling technology companies from the USA, China, India and Europe. For example, Investors are involved in the success of OpenAI, SpaceX, and OpenSea.

Christian Schneider-Sickert, founder and CEO of LIQID, says: "We are delighted that we were able to exceed our target volume significantly with our second venture generation. Investors increasingly refuse to settle for expensive standard offerings of their local banks. Consequently, we are seeing a considerable increase in our clients' interest in private markets and asset classes such as venture capital. With LIQID Venture II, we are now enabling a substantially broader group of clients to invest in this alternative asset class."

Valuation levels and AI progress favor investment environment
The current market situation is favorable for investments: "Entry prices and valuations are at lower levels than those during the peak years of 2020 and 2021. Founders compete for less capital, so only the best teams will prevail," explains Moritz von Rhein, Head of Private Markets at LIQID. "The groundbreaking developments in artificial intelligence are acting as a key driver of innovation. The revolutionary potential is comparable to the development of the internet. Venture capital investors will particularly benefit from the value creation potential of the technology."


LIQID is a bank-independent wealth tech company with offices in Berlin and Munich that makes state-of-the-art and excellent asset management accessible to ambitious decision-makers and entrepreneurs. LIQID manages assets totaling about EUR 3 billion and offers curated access to exclusive investment solutions that were previously reserved for professional investors or high-net-worth individuals. In addition to individual wealth management starting at EUR 100,000, this includes professionally curated portfolios from the world's leading private equity and venture capital funds. Since 2017, LIQID has regularly received awards for its wealth management from the business magazine Capital and the ranking institute firstfive AG.