LIQID lowers entry barrier for private equity to 10,000 Euros

Wealth-Tech company LIQID is launching LIQID Private Equity NXT and is expanding its pioneering position in the private equity business.

  • Revolution in the Private Equity Market: From 2024, investors can invest from as little as 10,000 euros alongside globally leading private equity funds such as KKR, Blackstone, and Carlyle
  • High Returns: LIQID Private Equity NXT aims for an attractive return of 12 percent after costs per year
  • Private Equity made simple: Digital, fast investment process, automated savings plans, and with a much higher liquidity compared to traditional PE offers
  • LIQID Private Equity NXT: Interested parties can now join a waiting list to stay up to date on this premium offer

Berlin, December 14, 2023 | Wealth-Tech company LIQID, Germany's top digital asset manager, is launching LIQID Private Equity NXT and is expanding its pioneering position in the private equity business. From 2024, private investors will be able to invest together with globally leading private equity funds. LIQID Private Equity NXT opens up a new investment world to a new generation of investors, a world that was previously reserved for the wealthy few for over 20 years. LIQID is the first European provider to offer such exclusive access from as low as 10,000 euros. The lower minimum investment amount for private equity will enable LIQID customers to implement the asset allocation of leading family offices with just 100,000 euros - currently a unique offer in Europe.

"We set out to democratize investment categories like private equity and venture capital. With LIQID Private Equity NXT, we can now open up a whole new world of investment opportunities to many people that was previously reserved for the wealthy few," says LIQID founder and CEO Christian Schneider-Sickert. “We are offering our target group, the entrepreneurs, creators, and makers of tomorrow, a very attractive proposition.”

A Revolution in the Private Equity Business
LIQID is taking the next step towards democratizing investments and changing the rules of the game for a broader part of society. From 2024, private investors will be able to invest in private equity from as little as 10,000 euros through LIQID Private Equity NXT, alongside renowned and globally leading private equity funds like KKR, Blackstone, and Carlyle. "In the long run, more money reaches the non-listed, smaller and medium-sized companies that have incredible potential," says CEO Christian Schneider-Sickert.

Developed for the Next Generation of Investors
For investors, the exclusivity of the private equity sector and the high minimum investment requirements are a real obstacle. Until now, LIQID customers could invest in this asset class from 200,000 euros; while the threshold with many other market providers  is even significantly higher. LIQID Private Equity NXT was developed for a new generation of investors. "We want to simplify access to high-quality private equity investment solutions," says Christian Schneider-Sickert.

With the new offer, more investors can further diversify and stabilize their portfolios. "Investing in the style of a family office creates more stability," says the LIQID founder. In addition, LIQID Private Equity NXT offers more flexibility through the option of a monthly savings plan and significantly higher liquidity. “We are bringing an absolute premium solution to the market. This makes us the first choice for even more private investors with high aspirations," says LIQID Head of Private Markets, Moritz von Rhein.

Multiple Trillions in Global Private Equity Market
Over the last 20 years, private equity managers have achieved average net returns of 14.5 percent (IRR, p.a.), compared to 8.7 percent in the global stock market. “We are in a volatile economic environment. Private equity sticks out not only with promising returns but also as a stabilizer for a portfolio,” says LIQID Head of Private Markets, Moritz von Rhein.

With over 100 investments in internationally active companies, LIQID Private Equity NXT will operate with a broadly diversified investment strategy. There is a quarterly liquidity option for the invested capital after a short minimum holding period, ensuring high flexibility and availability. “We offer a smart, fast, and above all flexible solution for entering private equity, which works within minutes,” says Head of Private Markets, Moritz von Rhein. LIQID opens the door to a vast investment market. According to PwC Germany's Private Equity Trend Report 2023, company transactions worth 208.8 billion euros were conducted in Europe alone.

Based in Berlin, LIQID is a bank-independent Wealth-Tech company that makes a modern and awarded asset management accessible to discerning decision-makers and companies. LIQID provides personalized investment solutions, independent of the conflicts of interest of many banks, and on par with very large fortunes.

LIQID offers curated access to professional investment solutions previously available only to very large fortunes. In addition to individual wealth management from 100,000 euros, this has included professionally curated portfolios from the world's leading private equity, venture capital, and private real estate funds from 200,000 euros.

Since 2017, LIQID has been named one of Germany's best asset managers every year by the business magazine Capital. LIQID currently manages around 2.5 billion euros for its clients. With strong and renowned partners: HQ Trust, the multi-family office of the Harald Quandt family, LGT, a private bank owned by the Prince's family of Liechtenstein, and Project A, a Berlin-based venture capital fund.